Very nice portfolio of online branding

March 14, 2006

Okay Dave's portfolio web site

I stumble on Dave’s web site, at first look at it I was like what is this? a bunch of paper just scatted around thought it was a wallpaper at first, highlighting over different parts gets you on the details and video of the projects he has worked on – a worthy read. Which is quite interesting the most I liked how he used vidoes and give presentations of his work that he did for various client and the unique design ideas giving details of his intecular and work of his projects, you can learn a few just visting the site if you’re a design artist yourself go check it out.


4 Responses to “Very nice portfolio of online branding”

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  3. Ouch, good tip! Regarding Sunset-college encouragement–I still think that the visits to classrooms are very effective–each of you could have a 5-10 minute presentation discussing your background (when graduated from Sunset, favorite classes, etc.), how you chose your school/got in/and how you could afford it, what you are studying and how you plan to use that degree(s), how you are better off for going to college, how you have grown as a person, etc. Come on

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