A quick preview to the future of the internet

March 13, 2006

I have seen a trend of trying to gather information of trends! explorer the worlds of journalism and express the potenial of the Internet and other economical factors of new Inventions, and the advatages it has to the developing world. Currently the digital age is not as mature yet there can be improvements which I will explain, there is a lot of activity going on the world wide web and have been brake throughs and new insights – future of the Internet, there of five main rules of the internet and other communication networks and they are:

  1. One to service or product
  2. One to One
  3. One to knowledge.
  4. One to Many.
  5. Many to Many.

‘One’ can be a person, a machine, or metadata and ‘to’ can be a organization, device, a tool, a service, or a method to do such tasks. This can also create a cutural chain reaction; such as one to knowledge then one to one then one to many then many to many or the other way, thus creative a trend among people which in return create more ways of improving or innovating these such catogories. Quite possiblity to there is no end in sight until all is united.

The success of ‘to’ to do such task as always been how fast, relevent, easy, resource friendly of ‘to’ to supports or serves or generates interest or function of interest for the ‘one’ or ‘many’.

I will follow up more on this subject as for now I hope you enjoyed reading as I am tring to be more advanced at journalism.


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